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  • Food Safety Company
Our team of experienced Food Safety Consultants and Trainers will provide you with the peace of mind that your business is compliant.
Our team of experienced Food Safety Consultants and Trainers will provide you with the peace of mind that your business is compliant.

About Us

With offices in Dublin and Cork, The Food Safety Company is Ireland’s leading provider of complete training and compliance solutions for the food supply chain.

Our experienced team of 15 Food Safety Experts provides our clients with a tailored solution aimed at protecting their brands and providing them with the peace of mind that their business is compliant.

Whether dealing with farms, fisheries, food processors, food service or retailers our experienced team can design a “user-friendly” solution which will minimise risk to your business and save time, money and stress.

Over the past 17 years we have evolved to provide not only services relating to Food Safety, but now offer a range of complementary services  such as Health & Safety, Labelling and Nutritional Consultancy.

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The Rest

The Rest Assured Agreement encompasses a year round package of services which provides you with the tools to achieve the highest quality safety standards. It gives Owners and Managers complete peace of mind and confidence that their business is managed to the highest standards and is compliant with legislative requirements.

It includes

  • Certified Food Safety  Training for ALL staff.
  • Four inspections per annum by an experienced food safety professional, designed to identify potential issues and support you in resolving them.
  • HACCP Manual –  we will create a site-specific, user friendly HACCP Manual and update where appropriate.
  • Management of alleged food poisoning complaints.
  • Membership of our Rest Assured Club – this includes being assigned one point of contact for all your queries or concerns. Your consultant will be available to contact 24/7 and liaise with the Regulatory Authorities on your behalf.

Our monthly payment option means that costs are spread over the duration of the 12 month contract, with no large upfront costs! This means you start to see the benefits straight away!

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What our clients have to say...


“We have been working together with The Fod Safety Company for almost 8 years and find their service ultra professional and a great asset to both our business and the food safety aspect of it. They work hand in hand with us to create efficient and practical procedures to cover all aspects of food safety, labeling and food legislation.”

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