Manual Handling

Manual Handling

Manual Handling

Who should attend Manual Handling?

Manual Handling should be completed by all personnel who are involved in the movement of loads


Aims and objectives

On completion of this Manual Handling course, participants will be able to:

 Perform specific Manual Handling tasks competently to a recognised standard.

  • Complete essential risk assessment prior to completing manual handling tasks.
  • Identify Ergonomic factors associated with their work activities.
  • Complete a series of exercises designed to improve strength, endurance and flexibility, the key components of physical fitness.

Expected Outcomes

This three-hour course is intended for all personnel who are involved in the movement of loads. Topics covered include; anatomy of the spine and practical manual handling techniques Instruct others on the theory and techniques of safe manual handling.

Certification: FSC

 Course outline

  • Legislation (Common Law, 2005 SHWW Act, 2007 General Applications Regs)
  • Anatomy of the spine and mechanism of injury
  • Fitness and flexibility requirements for safe Manual Handling
  • Specific Manual Handling hazards relevant to the workplace
  • Risk Assessment for Manual Handling Tasks
  • Individual Risk Factors
  • Practical Manual Handling Techniques
  • Procedures for dealing with unfamiliar loads
  • Ergonomics: Practical application to workplace environment


Practical assessment

Additional information

Duration: 3 hours

Maximum number of delegates: 10 persons