Who should attend?

This course is designed for anyone who uses a visual display unit (VDU) or computer screen as part of their work. It will help you to understand the health and safety issues related to VDU use, and how to apply ergonomic principles to your workstation and work habits.


Aims and objectives

  • To raise awareness of the potential risks and hazards of VDU use, such as eye strain, musculoskeletal disorders, stress and fatigue.
  • To provide practical guidance on how to set up and adjust your workstation, chair, keyboard, mouse and monitor to suit your needs and preferences.
  • To demonstrate how to perform simple exercises and stretches to prevent and relieve discomfort and pain.
  • To advise on how to manage your work schedule, breaks and rest periods to avoid overloading your eyes and body.

Course outline

  • Introduction: What is a VDU? Why is ergonomics important? What are the legal requirements and standards for VDU use?
  • VDU health risks: What are the common health problems associated with VDU use? How can you recognize and report them? How can you prevent and treat them?
  • VDU workstation setup: How can you optimize your workstation layout, lighting, temperature, noise and ventilation? How can you adjust your chair, keyboard, mouse and monitor to fit your body size, shape and posture?
  • VDU work habits: How can you organize your work tasks, documents and software to reduce eye strain and mental fatigue? How can you plan your work schedule, breaks and rest periods to maintain your energy and concentration?
  • VDU exercises and stretches: What are some simple exercises and stretches that you can do at your desk or during breaks to relax your eyes, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands?

Additional information

Duration: 3 hours

Maximum number of delegates: 15 persons