Food Safety Audits

Food Safety Audits

Food Safety Audits

Audits Introduction:

Our Food Safety Audits are designed to help businesses validate their Food Safety Management System to ensure they are operating to the required standard.

Our audits

  • Provide an independent evaluation on the effectiveness your food safety management system. They identify gaps, and recommend the appropriate action that is required to ensure compliance.
  • Provide businesses with the input of a qualified and experienced food safety professional, who can advise them on best practice.
  • Identify and eliminate risk, both to your customer and your business by proactively managing food safety issues.
  • Our auditing service can also be a very useful tool when preparing for third party accreditation audits.

During our audit we conduct a detailed inspection of

  1. Staff Facilities and Personal Hygiene
  2. Hygiene System Management & Documentation
  3. Structural Hygiene
  4. Operational Hygiene
  5. Food Storage & Protection.

We conduct our inspections using unique auditing software which we personally developed to our exact standards and is exclusive to The Food Safety Company. This software has revolutionised the way in which we conduct our audits, enabling us to combine cutting edge technology, with our 17 years extensive auditing experience.

This software allows us to generate extremely detailed reports following our audits, which clearly identifies non-compliances and recommends the appropriate corrective action. We also include photographs to support our main points.

Client Audit Report

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