Hygiene Assured

Hygiene Assured

Hygiene Assured


Hygiene Assured certification is an independent verification of the sanitation of a business operation thus reassuring customers that their safety is an absolute priority.

It gives business owners the confidence to safely trade and provides a 3rd party certification in recognition of their commitment to the highest hygiene standards.

It will also provide business owners with the competitive edge in an ever increasing hygiene aware society.

Hygiene Assured is a unique and validated standard of Hygiene and Sanitation and is suited to all forms of Business.


Our 5-stage process is designed to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are in place for your business. We will independently and scientifically validate your business. The service consists of:

  1. The Hygiene Review: A review of your current practices and where necessary a complete redesign of your services, including infection control risks, cleaning processes, cleaning chemicals and practices.
  2. The Hygiene Method: Training to staff in the new process for disinfection and control of infection.
  3. The Hygiene Audit: An independent audit to ensure that infection prevention and necessary controls are being implemented correctly.
  4. The Hygiene Evidence: Micro-analysis using the Gensig System to provide scientific evidence that cleaning has been carried out correctly to the highest standard.
  5. The Hygiene Certificate: On achieving a satisfactory result, the business will be Certified for a certain period of validity before re-auditing and micro-testing are required to ensure standards are maintained. Your business will receive a recognised 3rd party certification. This certification demonstrates to your customers that the hygiene standard of your business has been verified.


  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Care Homes

Scope includes Food and Beverage Areas, Accommodation and Public Areas.


Please contact The Food Safety Company on 021 4355917 for further information on our Hygiene Assured Certification.

Email us at info@thefoodsafetycompany.ie for enquiries.

Visit our website at www.thefoodsafetycompany.ie for more information about our hygiene and safety services.