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Health & Safety Audit for Childcare FacilitiesSince last Summer significant changes have taken place in the pre school sector, new laws have been introduced which means that all Early Years Services will have to be registered, inspection reports will go on-line and tougher enforcement will characterize the sector.

We have seen this in the Food Sector since 2000, how quality and control issues have evolved over the past decade, leading to higher expectations by the authorities and public alike.

When we ask our Food Business Clients, who are they most anxious about – Is it the discerning customer or the Hygiene Officer? They will always say the customer.

There has been a significant culture of change over the years. In the past chefs lived in fear of the Environmental Health Officer, now it is the paying customer who rightly expects safe and wholesome food served in a hygienic environment by qualified staff.

Parents will expect the same from Early Years Services!

We are perfectly placed to assist child care facilities to prepare for rigorous inspections, have the correct documentation in place and train staff.

Having grown up in the shadow of HACCP, Hygiene Regulations, Training and Auditing, we are perfectly placed to assist Pre-School, After-School and Montessori Schools to prepare for rigorous inspections, have the correct documentation in place and train your staff. Catherine Browne, qualified Lead Auditor has joined our team in Dublin. She is principal of Crèche Check, our new service. We are truly excited about our new business and are so pleased that Catherine, who completed the Management of Food Hygiene, is so experienced in the early years sector.

We firmly believe that we have got Crèche Check so right. Experienced Auditors, Trainers and Consultants with the aid of the most modern technology can complete a detailed inspection for you with a private report. Prepare your Quality Management System to fit your exact needs and finally deliver certified training courses to your staff at a time that suits you best!

Please call our Dublin Office at 01 209 1904 or Catherine at 087 6766775

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