Occupational and Emergency First Aid in the Workplace

Over the years most of us at some stage will have administered first aid treatment.  For some it may have been as simple as putting a sticking plaster on a cut and for others it might have been knowing what they had to do when a colleague had a seizure at work, or maybe you came across an accident.

Recently in the media we saw how Michael Lyster was saved by his wife as she performed CPR on him when he went into cardiac arrest.  She had attended a first aid class and from what she learnt she saved his life.  It is a life skill that each and every one of us should learn. But why do we need it in work?  Legislation for safety, health and welfare at work has been revised to ensure our safety in the workplace.  This is why you will find that many people attend trainings to comply with the legislation. But not only just to comply with legislation, these courses are needed because some day at work you might literally have someone’s life in your hands!!!

Since the tightening of legislation, statistics have shown a reduction in the number of accidents at work and better outcomes for those who do fall ill or are injured.

In the guidelines on “First Aid at Places at Work” it clearly outlines the importance of training staff and also how many people you need trained in your place of work (available from the HSA).  This is decided by doing a risk assessment but generally it recommends one trained Occupational First Aider per fifty employees, you need also to consider the people who visit your premises when risk assessing.

An Occupational First Aider is someone who has completed the 3 day FETAC/QQI course for first aid in the workplace.  This is a very comprehensive and enjoyable course that provides hands on experience as well as theory based information.  At the end of the course participants will complete a practical and written exam and successful candidates will be certified with a FETAC Level 5/ QQI certificate.  This cert is valid for two years and at that stage a refresher course is required – this takes only one day.

Another very interesting course to do is an Emergency First Aid course.  This is a one day course that covers all the basic everyday emergencies that you are likely to come across.  Not everyone in the workplace needs to be Occupationally First Aid trained and this is a good alternative for those who are not required to have the full course but who do need basic first aid knowledge.  One day is enough to go through all the basics and this again is certified and the certs will remain valid for two years.

We feel that a high quality of training is the key to our success and we pride ourselves on our highly trained staff, the comprehensive notes we provide and very comfortable and convenient venues we use.  All of our staff have the relevant qualifications to train and certify you up to the latest requirements recommended by the HSA.

Please see table below or visit the following link for upcoming course dates: http://marydaly.ie/training-schedule/

County Date Time Course Venue
Dublin 09/09/2015 9.00 – 16.30 QQI FetacCertified Occupational First Aid3 Day Course9th, 16th and 23rd of September The Clarence Hotel
Dublin 21/09/2015 9.00 – 16.30 Certified Emergency First Aid1 Day Course The Clarence Hotel
Dublin 09/11/2015 9.00 – 16.30 Certified Emergency First Aid1 Day Course The Clarence Hotel
Cork 28/09/2015 9.00 – 16.30 Certified Emergency First Aid1 Day Course Vienna Woods Hotel


If you would like to register for our Occupational First Aid or Emergency First Aid courses then simply contact us at 01 209 1904 or book online on our website.