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FSPA QQI Level 6 Conducting Food Standards Auditing


This programme is designed to enable learners to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence necessary to develop and conduct food standards audits and to evaluate the findings of the audits. This information may then be used to drive improvements in standards.


Successful completion of the programme may allow the learner access to further training leading to a range of QQI awards on the National Framework of Qualifications in various disciplines.


  • Those wishing to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence necessary to develop and conduct food standards audits based on quality management systems.
  • Suitable for food safety managers, head chefs and HACCP Professionals.
  • This course will enable participants to evaluate the findings of audits and develop supporting documentation to verify and validate operational processes and practices in the workplace.


  • Be able to understand international and national standards for food standards auditing
  • Recognise the importance of auditing a Food Safety Management/HACCP system
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the auditor in conducting an effective audit
  • Understand the differences between first, second, third and fourth party audits
  • Be familiar with the requirements of the BRC Technical Standard, Issue 8, ISO 22,000 Food Safety Management System and other relevant Irish standards (IS 340:2007 & IS 341:2007)
  • Have the competence to design an internal audit programme while understanding the importance of planning audits
  • Understand the life cycle of an audit process.


  • Participants must have previously competed Level 3 HACCP Management Training

Experienced food industry managers with a good knowledge of food safety and HACCP who wish to evaluate their own or 3rd party Food Safety Systems


  • This course is delivered over 3 days with an exam at the end of the final day accounting for 50% of the overall marks, and an assignment due within 1 month of completion (remaining 50% of marks)

FSPA QQI Level 6 Conducting Food Standards Auditing

QQILevel 6

FSPA QQI Level 6 Designing Food Safety Management Systems

Have you done previous HACCP training at management level? Are you looking to expand your knowledge of HACCP and food safety systems?

This advanced HACCP course is just the programme for you.

You will explore how risk assessment can provide food safety preventative controls and improve systems and procedures; investigate how food fraud can be a threat to your business and understand your legal responsibilities.


At the end of the programme you will:

  • Understand and complete a hazard analysis based on risk, appreciating the importance of hazard prevention, process hazard analysis and threat assessment [TACCP]
  • Understand food hazards in particular food preservation, shelf life and potentially hazardous food groups
  • Develop, implement and document the procedures and processes required to ensure the food safety management system complies with legislative demands especially for validation, verification and review.


  • Roles of Regulatory Bodies
  • Food hazards, food preservation and shelf life
  • Risk Assessment
  • Complete a hazard analysis (case study)
  • Traceability
  • HACCP Review
  • Other tools to maintain the Food Safety Management System


  • This course is delivered over 4 days including self directed learning and support from the tutor along the way.
  • There is an exam on the final day which accounts for 40% of the overall marks
  • A project is due within one month of completion of the course which accounts for 60% of the overall marks.

FSPA QQI Level 6 Designing Food Safety Management Systems

QQILevel 6

In-House Training

If you’re looking for specialist training for your staff and can’t find course exactly meet your needs, The Food Safety ‘In-House’ Training team can assist you.

Based on your requirements, we can develop a custom-made training programme and deliver it specifically for your employees at your chosen location – giving them the exact skills and knowledge they need.

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