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Privacy Policy

Privacy statement of

The Food Safety Company


This privacy notice outlines the policy of The Food Safety Company concerning the Personal Information (as defined in the text below) it collects, processes and stores.

This notice explains how The Food Safety Company collects, uses and shares your personal data.  This document also explains your rights in relation to the personal data The Food Safety Company hold.

This policy and associated procedures have been developed by The Food Safety Company in order to ensure that any interaction you have with The Food Safety Company is handled in a secure and professional manner in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and all other regulatory body rules or codes of conduct that apply to our type of organisation.  Our aim is to maintain your trust and confidence in the manner you expect.


Who we are:


The Food Safety Company are providers of complete training and compliance solutions for the food supply chain. Our team of Food Safety Trainers, Consultants and Auditors have the following functions

  • A source of food safety consultancy services and complimentary services such as nutrition, labelling and health and safety services.
  • A full service food safety training provider offering programmes leading to QQI awards on the National Framework of Qualifications at levels 4,5,6. as well as bespoke food safety training programmes mapped to FSAI levels 1,2,3.


The Food Safety Company registered office is

Island Cross, Little Island, Cork


What personal information does The Food Safety Company collect and why?


The Food Safety Company processes personal information for the purposes associated with the administration of

  • Rest Assured Agreement (RAA) client/ auditor relationship.
  • Certified training programmes and as a training provider for learners, client companies and trainers.
  • To administer & record Programme bookings, attendance, assessment and record academic achievements, also to evaluate learner and trainer feedback.
  • To facilitate quality assurance for NHP, FSPA, and EHAI requirements.
  • To administer the appeals procedures as a training provider.
  • Newsletter subscribers and Social media accounts
  • To enable The Food Safety Company to communicate with you and / or conduct surveys
  • In order to meet any educational or contractual requirements.
  • For financial purposes, i.e. payment of advertising, membership, learner registrations, programme bookings and RAA administration.
  • To facilitate historical achievements of academic achievements/attendance.
  • To facilitate requests made under data protection legislation.


These are a list of the legitimate and lawful purposes that The Food Safety Company collects, processes, stores and destroys any personal data that the association collect.

The above methods are required in order to deal with client companies, RAA clients and Learners effectively and efficiently in delivery of service.

The Food Safety Company only collects, processes and retains personal data for these purposes.

The Food Safety Company does not share this data externally. Learner information is shared internally with tutors and evaluators for completion of programme verification and validation purposes also for accreditation purposes.

The Food Safety Company lawful and legitimate basis for collecting and processing personal data is as follows

  1. Any information collected is given by consent by the data subject for consultancy purposes and part of a training programme or for newsletter and social media purposes.
  2. processing of this information /data is necessary in order to fulfil contractual agreements be for training or consultancy purposes.
  3. Processing of data is required by a licensing body for their purpose i.e. QQI/FSPA/EHAI/NHP certification.


How does The Food Safety Company collect personal information?


The Food Safety Company collects personal information/ data in many ways


  1. Newsletter sign up on line
  2. Through the delivery of services as per our Rest Assured Agreement.
  3. Directly from you by fax, e mail, phone, registration forms.
  4. Food Safety Training Centre processes from registration, phone or electronic queries, assessment, course feedback, web site queries.
  5. From third parties such as employers or state funded bodies (i.e. Skillnets, SECAD etc.)


What type of information is collected & processed from you by the Food Safety Company?


  1. As part of the provision of consultancy services such as a  HACCP Plan, audit report or training matrix
  2. As a learner on an FSC run training programme


For the purposes of administering a training programme and issuing certification the Food Safety Company may collect the following data:

  • Name
  • Home and Work Address if applicable (to contact you and send your certificate to)
  • PPS Number (only for FSPA and NHP certified programmes as this may be a requirement)
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Next of kin (in case anything should happen you whilst attending a programme)
  • Telephone No.
  • E-mail address
  • Relevant life, educational and work experience (for access to QQI programmes)
  • Assessment evidence, verification reports, External authenticators reports and results.


Trusted Service Providers


The Food Safety Company engages with various Trusted Service Providers in relation to key supports e.g. IT Consultants, Company Solicitor, Software Providers and Insurers.  We require each of these Service Providers to provide the company with their respective Data Protection Policy.  In addition to this we require each Service Provider to fully comply with our Company’s Data Protection Policy and associated requirements with regard to recording, processing, protecting and storing personal/sensitive information.


Card Transactions


When customers pay via card transaction for training we are required to store a copy of the transaction receipt and remove this after the time specified in the legislation.




Who has access to your personal data/ information


In order to complete your training with The Food Safety Company or your food business verified, The Food Safety Company may disclose your personal data to third parties such as

  1. Tutors.
  2. External Authenticators and External evaluators reviewing assessment and centre procedures
  3. ISO auditors to prove systems are effective.
  4. Funding bodies who may have sponsored the programme or your attendance on the training programme, also the Department of Social protection to verify employment status and payment of fees for eligible learners
  5. Employers who may receive copies of attendance and certificates when they pay for an employee to attend training
  6. Other bodies to facilitate transfer and progression to further education or for attendance or licensing purposes. i.e. EHAI, QQI, NHP.
  7. Media outlets, FSC web site and FSC Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Linked In and FSC Whats App.

This list is not exhaustive, but disclosures are only made to third parties where there is a legitimate reason for doing so.


How Long do The Food Safety Company retain your personal data?

he Food Safety Company training centre retain basic data in soft copy for a period of 5 years for the purposes of re issuing certificates/documents should the need arise.

This information is also retained should learners require the data for the purposes of gaining employment or accessing further education in the future.


Assessment evidence, feedback forms, registration forms, booking forms from learners are shredded after completion of all training courses and soft copies of the attendance sheets are uploaded and retained as per the data retention period confirmed within this policy.



In the case of training and consultancy data the procedure is –


Accessing your information!


If you wish to know what information The Food Safety Company holds on you please contact us in writing or by e-mailing the Food Safety Company providing us with enough information to identify you and a telephone number that we can contact to confirm the request.  The FSC will only send the information to you at the postal address you provided once it has been verified the validity of the address.


Removing or correcting information.


Any person may contact The Food Safety Company in writing or by e-mail and upon proof of identity may have their data removed or amended in The Food Safety Company records.


Security of your data

The Food Safety Company employ security measures to protect the data you provided from unauthorised access and against unlawful processing.



The Food Safety Company may contact learners, clients, members and newsletter subscribers from time to time with information which may be of interest to you.

The Food Safety Company will not make learner personal data available or sell this data to third parties.



This policy will be reviewed annually by the Board of Management and revised and updated as required


The next scheduled review is 25.05.2019