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Online Training


Over the past 17 years, The Food Safety have delivered Certified Food Safety Training to thousands of food workers nationwide, within a wide variety of food businesses including food service, food manufacturing, fish processing, butchers and care institutions.

Our eLearning Training was launched in 2015 to meet increasing demand for flexible “on demand” certified training.

  • Training is certified and delivered to The FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) training framework.
  • Training is flexible! Staff can be trained at a time/place that is convenient for both them and the business
  • Staff can be trained “on-demand“, which means that you can provide training as you need it, rather than gathering all staff together for an onsite training session which can be difficult in terms of scheduling and staff rosters.
  • Ideal for seasonal staff who require basic training in advance of beginning work.
  • Cost effective.
  • Training is immediate.
Course Title What does it cover? Who is it for? Duration
Level 1

Basic/Refresher Food Safety

The 20 basic skills as laid out by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) Suitable for all food handlers who have completed training in the past. 

Must be completed by all employees every 2 years


2 hours


Level 2

Food Handlers Certificate in HACCP

The basic principles of food Safety

The necessary skills required to practice HACCP effectively in the workplace

Anybody intending to set up a food business.

All staff involved in the handling of food e.g. Chefs, Catering Assistants, Food Production Workers, Service Staff

Anyone wishing to improve their employment prospects in the food industry.

Must be completed by all Food Handlers every 5 years

4.5 hours


Level 1 Basic/Refresher Food Safety Register here

Level 2 Food Safety Training  Register Here

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