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Implementing the EIQA standard

A food safety standard is a food safety management system that is over and above what is required by law and what is required from the enforcement officers – the Environmental Health Officers with the HSE, the Veterinary Officers with the Department of Agriculture and the Sea Fisheries Protection Officers with the SFPA.

The food safety standard is audited by highly trained and qualified auditors that work with Excellence Ireland through unannounced audits. Once the food safety standard that has been implemented within the business has been audited and passed, the organisation receives certification and marketing material from EIQA Excellence Ireland that show the customers that your organisation is dedicated to food safety and hygiene.

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EIQA, Excellence Ireland Quality Association, is Ireland’s leading certification body. The organisation was first established in 1969 and they are specifically known for hygiene and quality programmes. The EIQA programme is a nationally recognised accredited programme. The standard is implemented in a variety of businesses including the retail sector, the manufacturing sector, prison services, educational sector, government departments, healthcare providers, transport companies, nursing homes and food service companies such as hotels, fast food outlets, restaurant and contract catering organisations.

The implementation of the EIQA standard has a lot of benefits for the organisation. Some of these include:

–       The business will be assisted with compliance to National and European legislation as the standard goes above what is required from legislation.

–       The HACCP system that has been implemented within the business will reduce the likelihood of food poisoning incidences.

–       The standard enhances customer confidence and generates customer loyalty by having a 3rd party certification that confirms the organisation’s dedication to food safety.

–       The HACCP plan and records will prove due diligence in the event of court action.

Many organisations have the EIQA standard implemented. Some organisations include SuperValu, Centra, Eurospar, Spar, Mace, Londis, Irish Prison Services, Musgrave FoodServices, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien and Irish Pride.

Mary Daly and Associates can implement the EIQA standard within an organisation and help them on the journey to achieve the standard. Mary and her team of experienced and qualified food safety consultants can do this by:

–       Putting together the HACCP Plan for the business

–       Conduct announced and unannounced audits of the business.

–       Provide certified food safety training for management and food handlers

–       Provide management and staff with feedback with a report on the areas for improvement, good practices and best practices.

Other services that Mary Daly and Associated provide include:

–       Advice for start-up food businesses

–       Menu Planning/ Nutrition and Food Costing

–       Food Complaint Handling

–       Food Allergy Awareness Training

–       Liaising with the enforcement officers on behalf of the business

If you organisation is interested in implementing the EIQA standard or any other of our services, please feel free to contact one of our food safety consultants on 021 – 4355917 or look at our website at

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