The Food Safety Company

Mary Daly is Managing Director of The Food Safety Company, the leading Food Safety Consultancy and Training Company in Ireland.
As a former Army Officer, she gained immeasurable experience in catering for large numbers both at home and overseas. Safety and Food Security were paramount in her earlier career.
In 2000 she established The Food Safety Company with offices throughout Ireland.
The Food Safety Company advises the leading Hospitality Outlets, Food Manufacturers, Hospitals and Colleges with Hygiene Matters, HACCP and Food Safety Training.
Certified Food Safety Courses, open to the public, are delivered weekly in a variety of centres by our licensed trainers. Alternatively, food handlers may choose from a comprehensive range of online training courses. Grant Aid is available.
This Summer has seen an increase in food poisoning outbreaks and the public are keenly aware of hygiene. They note poor standards, complain and expect rightly the highest standards of quality control.
In order to protect Food Operators, Mary and her team implement the required standards literally from Farm to Fork.
“I come from a farming background, so Regulatory Inspections have always been part of my life. We ensure that every business is audit ready, compliant and has a satisfied customer base. We do this by offering a support package with a 24 helpline” Mary continues,
“We expect to become busier as a result of Brexit, as Irish Food Companies will benefit from EU supports”
The success factors of The Food Safety Company are their passion for food, the sincere care given to every client and the professional rapport that they have with the agencies of The Food Safety Authority of Ireland.
Mary is a founding member and Chairperson of The Food Safety Professionals Association, an All-Island body of Food Safety Professionals. Her company is the preferred safety provider to leading hotel chains, restaurants and large companies.
“ We have been invited to provide our bespoke Rest Assured Agreement to a number of significant food businesses in the UK. We are in the midst of planning our overseas strategy right now”
The Food Safety Company managed by Mary Daly is the significant player in the food world in Ireland and will be overseas too.