Remote Working during Covid-19

How are you getting on at home?


Since March most Irish workers are working from home and employers are managing their team remotely. Indications are that this working model will remain. People are saving time and travel costs but stress levels may not be lowered.


It is now time to ask, “how are you getting on at home?”


When I asked one of my Team they responded that they miss the chat over coffee break, another told me honestly that they felt lonely whilst another person said that they missed the pooling of information within the office environment.

Some employers feel a certain loss of control too.


It is now time for businesses to consider the home working environment and to risk assess the potential challenges facing staff, employers and the business itself.


What can the employee do?


  • Setting up a distinct workplace with the home and having the correct desk, chair, laptop stand, keyboard etc
  • Creating the right environment- light, ventilation,
  • Staying mentally and physically fit-exercise, sleep, hobbies and a good diet.


The Food Safety Company offer remote working assessments and team talks to support Businesses in this new environment.


What can an employer do?


  • Set guidelines and expectations for the team.
  • Offer flexibility around time.
  • Have short virtual meetings regularly.
  • Track work progress and share a diary.
  • Emphasise communications- be available and stay in contact.
  • Resist the urge to micromanage.
  • Celebrate individual achievements and business success.


The Food Safety Company has a unique virtual course for business owners and team leaders on how manage remote working.



Remote working will outlast this pandemic, it is so important to have solid supports in place as we face into 2021.