Supplier Evaluation

In addressing supplier evaluation, Professor Patrick Wall said lately “Would you trust your Supplier to pack your parachute?”

It is now more important that ever to know and trust your suppliers.

Each of your food suppliers should be evaluated annually by sending them a supplier questionnaire. This can be a simple one page document seeking information of their HACCP system, staff training, cleaning procedures and most importantly checking out their method of traceability and product recall procedures.

If you have any doubts or questions we can conduct a food safety audit on your behalf.

In times of recession short cuts may be taken or, as the recent horse meat scandal has shown, the food chain can be infiltrated by criminals.

Recent research has shown that food labeling and the source of food are the two most important issues to the Irish consumer. Are you sure that your labeling procedures are correct and compliant? Can you stand over every product on your menu or on your shelf?

If a problem is identified, can you recall all the food that you sold? Have you ever “stress tested” your recall procedures? If your food safety management system fails then your business fails.

In my 25 years of experience of Food Safety and Hygiene, problems that have occurred are very rarely caused in-house but are actually “bought in”

The biggest outbreak of salmonella on these islands happened at the army barracks at Renmore, Galway. I was the Command Catering Officer at the time-July 1998.The source of the outbreak was salmonella in eggs delivered by our supplier. We actually paid for our problem! The incident attracted huge media interest and a major cost both financially and to our reputation.

supplier evaluation

Stressful situations like these can be avoided by getting to really know your suppliers, visiting their production plants, meeting the team and carrying out thorough food delivery checks on arrival at your premises.

Just ask yourself-Does the delivery man wear clean protective clothing? Is the delivery van clean? Are all foodstuffs correctly labeled? Do you reject food that is not up to standard?

Remember-“If in doubt-REJECT! Only then will you have complete peace of mind.”