Are you thinking of Starting a new Food Business?

Our associates are licensed food safety trainers & qualified HACCP professionals who will offer completely independent advice, will liaise with your Environmental Health Officer & will support you until you are established.

It is said that agri-tourism is the key to economic recovery and as such more & more people are planning to open food businesses either in their own home or in suitable premises.

Many are unaware of the legislation & general requirements set out by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. Sometimes the new Food Operator (FBO) is unsure of where to start and may need to seek independent advice. If you are in this situation this article aims to provide you with some guidance on what steps need to be taken to ensure you are compliant.



So if you are planning a new food business, and wish to operate legally to meet food safety standards, what do you have to keep in mind?

  1. Registration – Be registered or approved with your local authority: some paperwork is required and the regulatory authorities will request documentation in advance. They are obliged to pay a visit to your premises to ensure standards have been met prior to approval
  2. HACCP System – Have a set of controls in place to ensure safe food, in other words, develop and implement a food safety management system (HACCP) which is specific to your business.
  3. Traceability – Have an effective traceability system in place, which will allow you to withdraw or recall food from the market if a safety problem is discovered
  4. Food Safety Training – Ensure that everyone handling food in your business has received enough food safety training to allow them to do their job safely (minimum of Level 1 Training) and that you as the owner/proprietor of the business understands HACCP. (minimum of Level 2 Training) The Food Safety Company deliver Level 1 training in-house, or online. We also run Level 2 FSPA certified training on a monthly basis in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Kerry and Waterford. Click here to see our full training schedule.
  5. Comply with the relevant food law – ensure the procedures in your business meet the requirements, e.g. all suppliers of the raw ingredients used by you must be approved, storage practices and procedures assure food safety and premises/structure/equipment support good practices e.g. cleaning, pest control and good waste management.

Many of our clients choose to outsource the management of their food safety & HACCP system to The Food Safety Company for a fixed monthly charge. As part of our Rest Assured Agreement, we do the following

  • implement the food safety management system
  • create & update the HACCP folder
  • audit the business 5 times per year to identify & resolve any potential issues
  • train all staff
  • provide support and guidance with any queries/issues that arise
  • liaise with the EHO/VET/SFPA Officer
  • handle food poisoning complaints

If you would like any additional information on setting up a food business, call us on 01 2091904 or 021 4355917 or e-mail