Health & Safety

Health & Safety

The Food Safety Company will ensure that your organisation is in compliance with all Safety, Health and Welfare regulations. We help organisations improve safety in the workplace by identifying hazards, assessing risks, and implementing systems that will reduce the likelihood of injury occurring at work.
The Food Safety Company offer a variety of tailored services to fit the needs of our clients including;

Certified Manual Handling Training

This half day course provides learners with the skills and knowledge required to be proficient in manual handling operations and in doing so, to minimise the risk of injury to themselves and their colleagues.

Site Specific Safety Statements:

We work closely with the management of both small and large organisations to develop and implement their Health & Safety System.
The Food Safety Company provides a personal service that involves one of our consultants visiting your premises to review operations. The site visit ensures that our consultant accounts for all the potential hazards and risks that your employees may be exposed to during the course of their duties and that all appropriate risk assessments are developed. Our consultant will then prepare a site specific, fully compliant, comprehensive Safety Statement to meet your requirements.

Updating Safety Statements:

If your Safety Statement is out of date, for a small charge we will also update/review your Safety Statement.

Risk Assessments

Carrying out risk assessments, preparing and implementing a safety statement and keeping both up to date will not in themselves prevent accidents and ill health but they will play a crucial part in reducing their likelihood.

Ergonomic Assessments

Our assessor will analyse the current work design and organisational factors in your workplace. We will then provide solutions to a healthier workstation layout and design, including monitor and document placement, provide education on proper seating, posture, and movement.

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