Some more info on our Food and Nutrition in a Care Home Course

As interest and demand for our Food and Nutrition in the Care Home course is growing I decided I would give a bit more background to the course and how and why we developed it. HIQA selected, last Autumn, one of our major clients to conduct a themed Food and Nutrition audit. HIQA forwarded a copy of their audit checklist and requested a copy of the Nutritional Policy developed by the Centre.

An effective  and successful Nutritional Care Policy requires a team approach that includes Nurses, Carers and Caterers.

With the checklist in hand and other information provided by HIQA, we developed a bespoke Training Course to fit the exact requirements of HIQA, including the ten points that need to be included in a Nutritional Policy in a Residential Care Setting. We delivered our unique and interactive course to all staff, including Nurses, Carers and Caterers over a half-day, emphasizing that Food and Nutrition is a complete team responsibility. We presented each class with Menu and Presentation ideas that were easy to achieve. We are pleased to state that the inspection was a tremendous success and we have since delivered the same course to many more Care Homes across the country.

Course Content:

  1. The HIQA Standard on Meals and Mealtimes.
  2. What is Healthy Eating?
  3. Changes in the body with ageing.
  4. Healthy eating plan for older adults.
  5. Nutrients essential in the elderly.
  6. Malnutrition.
  7. A good Nutritional Care Policy in a Care Home. 
  8. MUST- 5 steps to MUST & a case study.
  9. The guidelines to the management of malnutrition-Food First Approach, Get More In, Ordinary Intake v Adapted Intake.
  10. Hydration/Fluids.

Topics covered in the development of a good nutritional policy include:

  • Safe Food.
  • Multi-Disciplinary approach.
  • Training in Nutritional Care
  • Nutritional assessment on admission.
  • Nutritional Care Plan for each individual.
  • Ongoing evaluation.
  • Protected Meal Times, Eating Environment & Assistance v Feeding.
  • Food availability.
  • Presentation.
  • Resident Center Approach.

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Nutrition in a Care Setting

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