HIQA Standards on Cleaning and Infection Control. New Checklist!

Today, we implemented for the first time our new Hygiene Audit at a nearby Nursing Home.

Today, we implemented for the first time our new Hygiene Audit at a nearby Nursing Home. This infection control audit tool is based on the HIQA audit tool for community settings, which standardizes methods for monitoring both practice and the environment. Feeding back audit results will enable staff to systematically identify where improvements are needed, to minimize infection risks and enhance the quality of patient care.

The hygiene audit consists of 7 sections, including:

  • Hand Hygiene, Environment, Waste Management, and Management of body spillages, Personal Protective Equipment, Linen Management and the Managemenent of patient equipment.

The audit includes a detailed review of the facility, a detailed review of documentation and meeting with management, staff and residents. Feedback was provided to Management throughout the day.

Going forward a quality improvement plan will be put together by the facility following non compliance report and recommendations for change made in the report. This will improve practice and ensure a higher quality of hygiene standards throughout the facility.

The results are broken down into 4 different sections:

  • Notable Practice
  • Priority quality improvement plan
  • Observations
  • Non-conformance report and recommended actions

Scores categorized as follows:

  • Good: a score of 85% or above
  • Fair: a score of 76% to 84%
  • Poor: a score of 75% or under.

This audit tool will now be adapted into our new suite of software audit tools by E-Cat.

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