Craft Brewing – Quality Assured

Cold BeerOut of the blue over the past three months we have been asked to development a quality standard for three different Brew Houses! This is something new to us.

We have put in place Food Safety Manuals, based on the principles of HACCP for juice makers, goat’s milk producers and yogurt makers but this was a first!

To date Beer Manufacturers in this country have not been asked by regulatory authorities to implement a quality management system based on the principles of HACCP.

Our research brought us to the United States where Craft Brewing is all the rage and a huge growth industry.

Back at home, I had the pleasure of meeting Cuilan Loughnane of White Gypsy Beer in Templemore last week. He shared with me his profound expertise and guided me through the fascinating process from Malt Intake to Beer Production. It is intricate, time and temperature controlled, flavour imbibed with a real human touch.

The primary objective is to attain and maintain quality assurance in the craft of local brewing and underpin growth and export opportunity.

I am ready now to take up the challenge of creating a Quality Standard Manual specifically for the Craft Beer Association of Ireland.

Workshops will be given to members to share the Quality Standard with them, which will understandable, achievable, and realistic and will set them completely apart from their competitors, giving them a unique status.

Members will then be audited against each module of the new standard and on successful completion will be awarded Certified Membership of the Craft Beer Association of Ireland.

This award will appear as a unique logo on the bottle and other marketing materials.

Certified Members will be able to avail of central promotional programs. More importantly you will be making a statement that as a certified member of the Craft Beer Association of Ireland, you are in a class apart! You are a destination Brewer offering a quality beer second to none.

Other benefits will be increased customer confidence, your brew houses commitment to equality and continuous improvement fosters excellence and compliance to industry code of practice.

We look forward to your support in this critical initiative in the history of Craft Brewing in Ireland.

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