Is your food business compliant with food safety regulations?


In November, The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) served 13 Closure Orders and 1 Prohibition Order on food businesses for breaches of food safety legislation.  Some of the reasons for the Enforcement Orders last month include: pest infestations; incorrect labelling; no food safety management system (HACCP); no evidence of staff training; poor food hygiene; and no hot water at wash hand basins.


Lack of food safety training, poor standards and hygiene practices coupled with an increase in customer numbers can potentially put consumers’ health at risk. Food businesses are legally obliged to have the appropriate food safety management systems (HACCP) in place, that all staff are adequately trained and that procedures are adhered to at all times.


This can be extremely challenging, more pressure where reputation and business trade is on the line. Food companies that are in this situation will often seek the advice and guidance of an external food safety consultant.


The Food Safety Company.


Since 2000, The Food Safety Company has been providing specialist services to a wide range of clients, literally from farm to fork. With offices in Dublin and Cork, we are Ireland’s leading provider of complete training and compliance solutions for the entire food supply chain.  Whether dealing with farms, fisheries, food processors, food service or retailers its experienced team is expert at designing an individual “user-friendly” solution which minimises risk to business, saves time, money and stress, protects brands, and most of all provides the peace of mind which comes from knowing that your business is fully compliant.


Food Safety Consultancy Services.

The Food Safety Company provides a wide range of professional services that ensure food businesses are compliant and empower staff with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively manage standards. These include the development of a bespoke HACCP Plan or Health & Safety Statements, risk assessments independent food safety audits, kitchen design services, and support for start up food businesses.


Full Training Courses.


The accredited, certified training courses of the Food Safety Company are delivered to thousands of food workers annually, either at public training courses, in-house within clients’ businesses, or online by clicking here.


“We’re here to help both those already in the business and those starting up,” explains Mairead McCarthy, General Manager of The Food Safety Company.  “While food safety compliance can certainly seem like a minefield, we have the knowledge and the experience to guide you through to a secure position. Our role is to provide you with the peace of mind that your business meets the required standard. That processes are in place to ensure quality going forward”

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