Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Analysis

Both food and nutrition play a vital role in your health and well-being. With the introduction of the new regulation on food information to consumers many food businesses and manufacturers will be required to make significant changes to the nutritional declaration on their labels.

The Food Safety Company will ensure that your business is in compliance with Regulation 1169/2011. We help businesses adjust to the changes in labelling regulations and most importantly we ensure peace of mind when adapting to these changes.

We conduct detailed nutritional analysis using accurate and reliable nutrition software guaranteeing precise results.

The Food Safety Company offer a variety of services to our clients including;


The introduction of the new regulation on food information to consumers will result in mandatory changes to labels for manufacturers and businesses. The Food Safety Company provides a personal service that will implement all food labelling requirements successfully. We provide guidelines on food labelling and conduct a detailed investigation whilst visiting your premises on all food labels to ensure compliance.


Since the introduction of the new regulation nutrition information is mandatory for most products. The new regulation has implemented a number of compulsory changes. The Food Safety Company ensures compliance with updated regulations by providing information on the energy value, fats, saturates, carbohydrates, sugars, protein and salt.


The Food Safety Company uses dependable nutrition software to investigate detailed nutritional analysis on food products. We deliver a 100g nutritional breakdown including comprehensive information on Energy, Macro and Micronutrients, Carbohydrate Components, Lipid Components, Minerals and Trace Elements and Vitamins.


It is a requirement by law for food businesses to declare allergen information in written format. It is mandatory to identify 14 specified food allergens when they are used in production or preparation processes. The Food Safety Company provides a detailed allergen inspection on all products used ensuring the control of allergens within our client’s business.

We provide information on allergens ensuring the understanding of the increasing prevalence of life threatening allergies.


Calorie information is a growing trend among consumers in the Irish food industry. The Food Safety Company provides accurate calculations of calories on menus using nutritional software. We provide in depth trustworthy advise on menu calories and reduce the stress associated with counting calories.

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